It’s so hard to say Good Bye

It’s so hard to say good bye…It’s so hard to even accept it.

This is probably the hardest thing I’ve done in a very long time, I can’t even remember when was the last time I felt this much pain.

IMG_2740Even as I write this words, it feels like a really bad dream, and deep down I wish that it was. Continue reading

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Gay People Are NOT Normal 

Dreams_by_whisperfallAfter seeing in the news about my country of Origen, where sadly denied the option for homosexual couples to adopt, it made me think.  Specially after noticing that people I consider my friends, that at some point I consider them like my family, were promoting this decision to deny a home to thousands of kids, on the idea that growing up in a house with a homosexual couple was bad.

Off course, anyone that knows me, can tell you that I am not very good at keeping my opinions to my self, specially when are things that promote hate, prejudice, and even more if they are based on retrograde ideas, and things without fundament. Continue reading

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The opportunity is here! Now what?

bookHave you ever find your self day dreaming of doing something different with your life? Maybe changing your career, traveling the world, loosing weight, becoming and artist, etc.

I am sure the answer is yes! come on! we all have wish to do something different, no matter if you have a fulfilling career, then you dream with having more time, if you are in shape you want to do something else.   Now here is the difference between the minority that dream and go after it, and the rest of the people, to whom I would refer as “Us”. Continue reading

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Today is the right day to find love!

http://www.cupidoparamayores.comMost of us spend our lives looking for someone to share it with. Some have been fortunate to find their true love at an early age, but others chose the person that was right for that moment, but not for the rest of their lives. Then they have to start again at age 45, 50, 55, 60! Maybe even older and its difficult! Some older people are getting into online dating. There is a new site called Cupido para Mayores (www.cupidoparamayores), that is making a statement in the very short time that’s been out.

We all deep down wish to find that special someone that is going to sweep us off our feet! Come on! You know you do (This is for the people that don’t have their “love” already in their life) Continue reading

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Do Dreams Expire?

having an expiration date on your dreamsDo Dreams Expire?

 Is there an expiration date on your dreams? I mean, do you have to give up after you reach a certain age?

Most people will say yes! Until they see someone  their age or older accomplishing what they deemed impossible.

We are in a time that everything is fast paced and we are already used to have instant everything! Continue reading

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Should I pay for College the rest of my life?


Being the mother of a soon to be high school graduate, facing the reality of the cost of having a good education (and everything else that comes with it, like boarding, books, etc.),  I have asked my self, my friends and family, and asked him this a good couple of times. Do you really need to go to college, to then have to pay for what ever you study the rest of your life? Continue reading

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