Gay People Are NOT Normal 

Dreams_by_whisperfallAfter seeing in the news about my country of Origen, where sadly denied the option for homosexual couples to adopt, it made me think.  Specially after noticing that people I consider my friends, that at some point I consider them like my family, were promoting this decision to deny a home to thousands of kids, on the idea that growing up in a house with a homosexual couple was bad.

Off course, anyone that knows me, can tell you that I am not very good at keeping my opinions to my self, specially when are things that promote hate, prejudice, and even more if they are based on retrograde ideas, and things without fundament.

  1. Main reason, and I know anyone that has been to a gay community, or has even read magazines will agree.  Most of them are freaking good looking! Not just handsome, cute, easy on the eyes… They are FREAKING GOOD LOOKING! So, come on! This isn’t normal!
  2. Since being good looking isn’t enough, they are stylish as heck! They always look like they just came out of having their hair done and their clothes look like they just came from the dry cleaners. This isn’t natural! I have to really put in an effort to look “decent”. Can anyone really tell me that this is normal? Off course not!
  3. Perfectly decorated homes! Most people I know have to work on this, some just give up and hire an interior decorator if they can afford it, or if you are like me, as long as it works for my family and my needs, it’s ok.  See this isn’t a natural thing for most of us… Another point, on they are not normal.
  4. They can be supportive, honest and good friends all the time! Really? Who does that? Yes, I know you have problems, so do I! I can’t barely deal with mine, why on earth would I want to help you with yours? See, that’s not normal, or what about actually telling your friend that their favorite dress makes them look fat and short? Most friends I know would let me walk out of the house looking like a circus tent!
  5. Being successful despite all the hate, misunderstanding, awful comments, and all the nasty things that are said, not to mention all the derogatory words used to refer to their sexual preferences or even just them.   And just in case, Ricky Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, Bertrand Delanoe, Sir Elton John, Tim Cook, Graham Norton, Martina Navratilova, Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, Lord John Browne, just to mention a couple of people that can be consider successful are gay. In case there are still people thinking that homosexuals can’t be successful. So again, overcoming all this criticism being expose to public opinions and being very successful, can’t be normal!
  6. Having happy homes! It’s been a while since it has been known that gay people (funny… Gay actually means happy, LOL) can’t possibly have a happy home, you know since this is reserved for a man and a woman, so people that are gay and have happy homes are defying the laws of nature, so then again… NOT NORMAL PEOPLE!!!

I am sure that I can list other things to prove my point, but this should suffice for all my homophobic “friends” and accountancies, who are so openly begging to stop this madness of offering a loving homes to kids, God forbid them to be surrounded by this people that we already stablished are not normal, they might love them, raised them to be happy, secure and successful.

It definitely makes more sense to teach them to hate something they can’t understand, to make them believe that having a different sexual preference is a “condition” that can and should be corrected.  That having them live in orphanage, the street, to jump from foster home to foster home is a much better idea, I am sure if you ask any of this kids if they want to be adopted by a gay couple will run screaming and begging to not be taken to a home, where they will be cared and loved.

I don’t expect anyone to just accept anything without questioning, what makes me upset is people that have the capacity and option to use their heads, choose not to do so, and to top it off promote this kind of behavior.  I don’t think we are in a time to take anything literal, I am sure we are in a time that we can’t afford the luxury of promoting more hate, more intolerance, more closed minded people and their believes.  Times change, people change, people paid for this changes!

As I mention in a comment, just a couple of years having interracial kids was an obscene idea, it was sinful and just plain and simply horrendous.  Having a white person share the swimming pool with a black one was “Nasty,” and all because some idiot came up with this notion and the rest of the people just accepted it.

Its time to grow, to prioritize what really matters! Ok, you are not entirely comfortable with a homosexual couple? That’s ok, but, does it make you that uncomfortable that promoting having kids without a home is more important than giving them a chance? Nobody can tell for sure if they will adapt better to a heterosexual couple, nobody knows if some of this kids are gay (yes, you are born gay, you don’t turn gay), maybe they are adopted into an abusive heterosexual home, no body knows.  But denying them an opportunity because you refuse to use your brain?

So to all my gay friends and the gay people I haven’t met, can any of you tell me from which planet you are from… Or how is it that you are not normal?  (also some fashion and success tips will be welcome)

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I was born in South America, and moved to North America when I was in my late teens. I had a kid and needed to be able to support him on my own, so like most immigrants I ran after the american dream. I love and try to keep most of my latin traditions, mainly the old school things and values. I'm on my 30's, I am a Mom & I love every second of it (yes even when I feel like I want to run away before I kill him). I love to cook and bake. But keeping my family healthy is a must! Like most women I Love chocolates also reading, working and anything that helps me be a better person. I am always working on improving who I am, I am thankful for all my experiences (good, bad and ugly), because of them I am the person I am today! I lack any coordination, have a "special" sense of humor So, yes I could be a lot of fun, most of the time I will keep people around me, very much amused (and my body with new bruises) I belong to the club of "I don't fall, I do random gravity checks", I am also constantly attacked by furniture! Those things are secret ninjas! Some day someone else will see it too! I am just another person fighting to be who I am, and hoping to get more to join my path! Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” - Bernard M. Baruch
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