Gratitude and respect, are they lost?

RespectAs I was making dinner today I was wondering how many things we have now that open our lives to endless opportunities.  We have ways to find recipes from places that we might never visit (or have heard of), we can see someone while we are doing other things in they comfort of our home and they are on the other side of the world (Skype, Facetime, etc.) There are so many things that we have on a day to day, that by now it just became second nature, and we just don’t see anything special in them anymore.

We have cars that let us know what’s wrong with them, if we get lost we have GPS, if we want to hear from someone they are a text away, or an email away. Or like a lot of people their lives are public in any of the social networks.

It is so difficult for the younger generations to appreciate anything.  It is actually sad to see how entitled they are.  I am completely and 100% agains those “Participation trophy’s” WHAT THE HECK HAPPEN TO US! WHEN DID WE START TO CELEBRATE BEING MEDIOCRE? NOT TRYING?  I get it, nobody likes to be left out, and believe me I know this first hand.  I was that kid that was always the last pick in any sport! and if they could help it they wouldn’t even pick me at all. I am not saying I enjoyed that, but it helped me build character, it helped me learn that if I wanted something I had to work harder.  The whole “time out” thing, come on! yes kids need to understand what is going on, but by us giving them so much opinion and decisions from an early age, we are deleting the line between parents and kids.  KIDS NEED PARENTS! NOT FRIENDS! THEY WILL MAKE FRIENDS ON THEIR OWN! YOUR JOB IS TO BE A MOM OR A DAD (OR BOTH), NOT BE THEIR BFF.

We are creating little monsters that have no sense of what respect is, there is no respect towards parents, teachers, elders, other kids, not even to themselves! You see girls (teenager girls, well and older ones… Even some moms) sleeping with different kids on one party (yes same party, same night), dressing extremely provocative, and behaving like “very open minded”. What for? is a matter of no self value? why that need to get more attention than other girls, and get the wrong kind of attention while at it. is it really worth it? how can this help their self-esteem? I really don’t get how this works when all they are doing is placing their worth based on how they look not on who they are and loosing their self respect while at it.   And boys trying to be “gangster”.  When did that become “cool”? talking in despective ways about women, walking as if the suffered from polio or some other medical condition that makes them limp. Wearing clothes that seem that they just lost 100 pounds, talking as if they had some weird impairment that does not allow them to vocalise or use complete words.

They feel the deserve everything just for existing, they need NOT WANT, THEY NEED a new phone, new tablet, new game, brand name clothes and shoes, a car by the time the become of age to drive, and if they are not doing good in their studies, it’s ok.  You taught them that just by “participating” it was enough. They deserve recognition, and that was all they needed.

Then they grow up, and off course they can hold a good job, because they do the bare minimal, and don’t even think about them starting a business of their own, that is too much work. “Like seriously, I mean, for real?”

We are in an age that TV’s are the best nannies, Tablets are part of the baby needs, pre made things are the only way to go, and if anything needs fixing, we just go and get something new.

We walk by the people that make our lives easier (post man, bank teller, janitor, security guard, etc.) and they are not even worth the time to greet them, to say good morning, to smile at anyone.

If you go to a store, the people that are there to “guide” you don’t even bother giving it a try to help, “they are not being paid for that”.   Just call a customer service line, after 2 hours and a migraine, you will see that we are in a world that you just do the least possible you can get away with. That people don’t feel any gratitude for having a job, that respecting others time is irrelevant, that nothing really matters anymore because we are so precious that we are better than the rest of people, so why should we care?

Let’s try not to forget that we have so many things that we wouldn’t have even dream of 30 or 20 years ago, and that instead of helping us in improving our life, is helping us to create a generation that is less capable of thinking, appreciating and even worse respecting.

What do you think?


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I was born in South America, and moved to North America when I was in my late teens. I had a kid and needed to be able to support him on my own, so like most immigrants I ran after the american dream. I love and try to keep most of my latin traditions, mainly the old school things and values. I'm on my 30's, I am a Mom & I love every second of it (yes even when I feel like I want to run away before I kill him). I love to cook and bake. But keeping my family healthy is a must! Like most women I Love chocolates also reading, working and anything that helps me be a better person. I am always working on improving who I am, I am thankful for all my experiences (good, bad and ugly), because of them I am the person I am today! I lack any coordination, have a "special" sense of humor So, yes I could be a lot of fun, most of the time I will keep people around me, very much amused (and my body with new bruises) I belong to the club of "I don't fall, I do random gravity checks", I am also constantly attacked by furniture! Those things are secret ninjas! Some day someone else will see it too! I am just another person fighting to be who I am, and hoping to get more to join my path! Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” - Bernard M. Baruch
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