Today is the right day to find love!

http://www.cupidoparamayores.comMost of us spend our lives looking for someone to share it with. Some have been fortunate to find their true love at an early age, but others chose the person that was right for that moment, but not for the rest of their lives. Then they have to start again at age 45, 50, 55, 60! Maybe even older and its difficult! Some older people are getting into online dating. There is a new site called Cupido para Mayores (www.cupidoparamayores), that is making a statement in the very short time that’s been out.

We all deep down wish to find that special someone that is going to sweep us off our feet! Come on! You know you do (This is for the people that don’t have their “love” already in their life)

The problem is that we spend so much time trying to make things perfect for when we find the person that we let opportunity after opportunity go by.  For example, what if you live in North America, but you don’t speak English? I have plenty of older friends that are single, are awesome people, but don’t speak English, and they keep on waiting until they learn the language, instead of being proactive and join a site like Cupido Para Mayores (www.cupidoparamayores), it is in spanish and it was design with people like them in mind.

We all keep on saying we want to be happy, have a special person next to us. Someone that we can spend the rest of our lives with.  Someone that we could be who we are, and not have to pretend to be something to keep someone happy.

When do you want to be happy?  Do you really think that you will find the perfect moment, when everything will fall in the place you want it to be, and then and only then, you will look, or be proactive towards finding love?

Remember, sometimes you have to kiss a couple of frogs before you find your prince.

So if you asked me.  There isn’t a better day than today to find love.

I am so glad I have my Raja next to me.  I seriously can’t think of my life without him.

It sure feels great to be with someone that loves you exactly for who you are.

So all of you procrastinators! go out TODAY AND FIND LOVE!

About Juanita

I was born in South America, and moved to North America when I was in my late teens. I had a kid and needed to be able to support him on my own, so like most immigrants I ran after the american dream. I love and try to keep most of my latin traditions, mainly the old school things and values. I'm on my 30's, I am a Mom & I love every second of it (yes even when I feel like I want to run away before I kill him). I love to cook and bake. But keeping my family healthy is a must! Like most women I Love chocolates also reading, working and anything that helps me be a better person. I am always working on improving who I am, I am thankful for all my experiences (good, bad and ugly), because of them I am the person I am today! I lack any coordination, have a "special" sense of humor So, yes I could be a lot of fun, most of the time I will keep people around me, very much amused (and my body with new bruises) I belong to the club of "I don't fall, I do random gravity checks", I am also constantly attacked by furniture! Those things are secret ninjas! Some day someone else will see it too! I am just another person fighting to be who I am, and hoping to get more to join my path! Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” - Bernard M. Baruch
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